Demonetization Effect on Real Estate Industries: Now Is the Best Time to Buy Your House


The authorities had said that it would be ‘Ache Din’ for the real estate market segment as there would be an extensive fall in the home, land, apartment prices over the next few months. The cost could undertake a correction in the market and secondary, or resale market extremely soon. There would not be greatly price changes happening in the reasonable segment. The land prices are estimated to fall, which will push demand in the marketplace.

Talking to the real estate agent and real estate seller, we found out that they were unwilling to take cash these days after demonetize. Earlier, the hard cash was the main through which real estate purchasing and selling of properties were handled. The real estate market situation had changed after the PM Narendra Modi broadcasted the clamp down on the black wealth. Following the judgment of the government on demonetization of Rs 500 & Rs 1,000, the whole real estate industry was affected, as there was usually connection of black money and the hard cash.

Opportunity in the new property sector

New residential assets will see lower demand due to unhelpful market response & apparent uncertainty Builders will face a money crunch due to an unexpected drop in sales. But they will be willing to bargain on prices with serious buyers across the board & offer extensive value for the similar price. If you are salaried / self employed and looking to purchase your first house, next 6 months is a superb opportunity to save a huge amount.

Opportunity in resale property & land

  • Opportunity in resale assets & the land Resale segment will see a direct crash from demonetization since cash module plays a big role in these dealings.
  • While there is not going to be much of a crash on the main residential market, where houses are bought in the form of bank loans & mortgage; there is going to be a visible crash in dealings which deal in cash.
  • Generally, the residential market might witness drop in prices, correcting to a standard of 10 to 20 percent

Demonetization has sucked out most of the unaccounted money from the system. Rich buyers who could pay cash & purchase are out of the marketplace. Provisionally! This leaves just the end users with enough loan eligibility in the marketplace. Lower demand would mean strain on sellers to reduce cost Sellers with instant need of cash will go for a distress sale & be prepared to sell off at a lesser price. If you get hold of such a contract in the next 6 months, you will reap the loot in the extended term

In previous 4 years, property prices have raised at a lesser speed than inflation which means properties are previously being sold currently at 2012 cost (price adjusted for increase) Most builders have obtain lands at higher costs, input costs of building have gone up in the previous few years Through around the corner, builders will be necessary to comply & cost of fulfillment will squeeze limits further An open price drop will also crash builder’s trustworthiness with past & existing clients & most builders would not run that possibility in its place, builders will be willing to bargain on prices with serious buyers across the table & offer significant giveaway in form of modular kitchen, free car park etc.


Understand the Market Dynamics in Kandivali West Real Estate Properties


If you are thinking to buy properties in Kandivali, Mumbai then the best way to contact professional real estate agency as we are one of them because from the first decision to invest in the first rental or buying the own property would be the hectic task for many customers. It involves huge attention and a lot of work to be done precisely.

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When people think to buy their own dream home or rented would always prefer to look for the good locality. In the most demand area, all the properties are well connected to the social infrastructures like school, colleges, hospital, atm, bank etc that serves you best accessibility. Most of the residential apartment or projects are consists of:

  •    1 BHK – One Bedroom, hall & Kitchen
  •    Duplex – consist of 2 units
  •    Triplex- with 3 units
  •    Four Plex- Four units (also known as “quad”)

All these properties are well demanded by the premium family or middle-class people and the Best Real estate Property Kandivali West areas is considered as best invest for home. In the Kandivali, west locality has the smartness of quality resident or apartment with best affordable prices too. Many customers love to choose this locality due to other reasons like:

  • Good residential locality
  • Well connected to infrastructures
  • Safety and security
  • Feasibility
  • Business hub centre
  • Booming prices
  • Well Networking
  • Major Landmarks
  • Best Amenities

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Invest in The Most Prosperous Real Estate in Mumbai’s Suburb Kandivali East

Front View

Looking for the ideal real property that can offer you a piece of mind? Looking for the most urban side properties? Planning to invest in real estate properties in Mumbai? Browse for the best real estate properties in Kandivali East. Kandivali, the Mumbai’s suburb is the best place to invest into real estate. Whether you are looking for a home for yourself or additional real estate investment, Kandivali can be the right destination for you.

Kandivali, the Mumbai’s suburb is the most modern place to live in. It is the most ideal place for family. Having a good infrastructure, good standard of living and all necessary amenities nearby, Kandivali can be the ultimate place to have real estate property in.

Kandivali, the Mumbai’s suburb enjoys a strong and robust economy. The city enjoys a constant growth every year. It is a home for several multinational companies and experience large base of growing industries. It is the best place with large base of employment opportunities. Overall, it is the best place for living.

Residential Properties In Kandivali East

If you browse online, you can find Top Apartment for sale in Kandivali-East. There are lots of construction sites available where you can have fresh home. Even if you are looking for resale property, you will find ample options open for you. There are lots of options open for rental properties.

Kandivali East Commercial Real Estate

It is not that you can find only a residential property in Kandivali East. But there is a huge choices available in commercial properties. The Real estate properties in Mumbai, especially in Kandivali East offer a range of commercial properties.  Whether you are looking for shops, offices, warehouses, or any other commercial places, you can find a great choice here in Kandivali. For those looking for the commercial properties for their hospitals, banks, malls and other Kandivali can be the ultimate address.

Overall, Kandivali East is the best place where you can find ample options in real estate. Browse the Best Real estate Portal India and have several pages list of real estates. Kandivali East is a complete real estate resource. Browse for the Kandivali real Estate options online. Such as:

  • New properties
  • Old properties
  • Ready to move apartments
  • Bungalows, row-houses and flat systems
  • Completed and going-on projects
  • Rental properties
  • Commercial shops, offices, etc.
  • Big properties for the big investors like banks, hospitals, malls, schools, etc.

The reason why Kandivali East is the best place includes:

  • Possess best infrastructure
  • Quality living with high standard
  • Better life style
  • All the necessary amenities nearby
  • Easy accessibility of the place
  • Proximity to the airport and major highways
  • Affordable living
  • Sky rocketing real estate prices, makes your investment value high every year

In recent years, there has been a significant boost in the residential and commercial projects in Mumbai, especially in Kandivali East. It offers lucrative packages at very affordable rates. You can find all the real estate options open for you and that goes perfectly with your budget and like. Find them online, along with the information about nearby amenities available.

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