Property in Andheri-A preferred residential hub in Mumbai

Mumbai is a city of dreams-where hundreds flock every year from every part of the country to live their dreams.Many affluent families reside in the posh location where real estate prices have skyrocketed to an all-new level. A decent 1bhk flat could cost anywhere around 1crore and on wards. While the prices seem to be discouraging for middle income group individuals, it is the most prestigious location to own a Property in Andheri .

Andheri East

Property in Andheri East

Mumbai has a good infrastructure that is lined with a number of high end restaurants, shopping malls and luxury pubs that enhances the night life of the in habitants if the area. The area is famous as a house to many celebrities including movie stars and hi-profile individuals. The area has a developed road infrastructure and a good traffic management system. Owning to such great pleasures of life in the Mumbai.real estate developers are acknowledging the demand for more residential properties. Buying flats in Mumbai can also be possible if you have a lot of moolah with you. Many well-known developers have been venturing into offering both commercial and residential properties to the affluent ones.

Property in Andheri

Rent Property in Andheri

Even Flats For Rent in Andheri can range somewhere around INR 40,000- INR 80,000 depending upon the area location and carpet area. Finding yourself a small shanti to live in can be preferable if you are a working professional on a tight budget and do not want to spend much on housing and transport.


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