Demonetization Effect on Real Estate Industries: Now Is the Best Time to Buy Your House


The authorities had said that it would be ‘Ache Din’ for the real estate market segment as there would be an extensive fall in the home, land, apartment prices over the next few months. The cost could undertake a correction in the market and secondary, or resale market extremely soon. There would not be greatly price changes happening in the reasonable segment. The land prices are estimated to fall, which will push demand in the marketplace.

Talking to the real estate agent and real estate seller, we found out that they were unwilling to take cash these days after demonetize. Earlier, the hard cash was the main through which real estate purchasing and selling of properties were handled. The real estate market situation had changed after the PM Narendra Modi broadcasted the clamp down on the black wealth. Following the judgment of the government on demonetization of Rs 500 & Rs 1,000, the whole real estate industry was affected, as there was usually connection of black money and the hard cash.

Opportunity in the new property sector

New residential assets will see lower demand due to unhelpful market response & apparent uncertainty Builders will face a money crunch due to an unexpected drop in sales. But they will be willing to bargain on prices with serious buyers across the board & offer extensive value for the similar price. If you are salaried / self employed and looking to purchase your first house, next 6 months is a superb opportunity to save a huge amount.

Opportunity in resale property & land

  • Opportunity in resale assets & the land Resale segment will see a direct crash from demonetization since cash module plays a big role in these dealings.
  • While there is not going to be much of a crash on the main residential market, where houses are bought in the form of bank loans & mortgage; there is going to be a visible crash in dealings which deal in cash.
  • Generally, the residential market might witness drop in prices, correcting to a standard of 10 to 20 percent

Demonetization has sucked out most of the unaccounted money from the system. Rich buyers who could pay cash & purchase are out of the marketplace. Provisionally! This leaves just the end users with enough loan eligibility in the marketplace. Lower demand would mean strain on sellers to reduce cost Sellers with instant need of cash will go for a distress sale & be prepared to sell off at a lesser price. If you get hold of such a contract in the next 6 months, you will reap the loot in the extended term

In previous 4 years, property prices have raised at a lesser speed than inflation which means properties are previously being sold currently at 2012 cost (price adjusted for increase) Most builders have obtain lands at higher costs, input costs of building have gone up in the previous few years Through around the corner, builders will be necessary to comply & cost of fulfillment will squeeze limits further An open price drop will also crash builder’s trustworthiness with past & existing clients & most builders would not run that possibility in its place, builders will be willing to bargain on prices with serious buyers across the table & offer significant giveaway in form of modular kitchen, free car park etc.


Understand the Market Dynamics in Kandivali West Real Estate Properties


If you are thinking to buy properties in Kandivali, Mumbai then the best way to contact professional real estate agency as we are one of them because from the first decision to invest in the first rental or buying the own property would be the hectic task for many customers. It involves huge attention and a lot of work to be done precisely.

For first time investing bulk of money on buying expensive, premium or basic new Projects Kandivali East locality would be daunting, but if you go through the real estate agency like us will surely make your purchase hassle free. We are holding our business in real estate services since a decade and totally understand the needs of the each customer effectively.

Our entire team works as per the customer’s preference to help them to pick the best affordable houses or apartment as per their budget. Invest in properties is the prime solution for many people to secure their future. There is Top Apartment for Sale Kandivali West and many new projects are launching on regular basis. Many builders would love to invest in the prime location or locality to earn the good invests or profit.

Hindustan Property – an ultimate solution for Beginner’s First Investment on Property

We are one of the best service providers for many wells knew customer who is seeking for best affordable houses in the most residential or commercial locality. We are tie up with all the major builders and precisely will offer you all the required information related to all the properties that are already launched or in the construction stage.

We all know that Mumbai is one of the most dynamic cities of India as it has all the modern necessities of life. On every year numerous people migrate here in order to build their career, education, work, etc. There is more demand for Top Real Estate Kandivali East properties due to its warm locality and prime area.

When people think to buy their own dream home or rented would always prefer to look for the good locality. In the most demand area, all the properties are well connected to the social infrastructures like school, colleges, hospital, atm, bank etc that serves you best accessibility. Most of the residential apartment or projects are consists of:

  •    1 BHK – One Bedroom, hall & Kitchen
  •    Duplex – consist of 2 units
  •    Triplex- with 3 units
  •    Four Plex- Four units (also known as “quad”)

All these properties are well demanded by the premium family or middle-class people and the Best Real estate Property Kandivali West areas is considered as best invest for home. In the Kandivali, west locality has the smartness of quality resident or apartment with best affordable prices too. Many customers love to choose this locality due to other reasons like:

  • Good residential locality
  • Well connected to infrastructures
  • Safety and security
  • Feasibility
  • Business hub centre
  • Booming prices
  • Well Networking
  • Major Landmarks
  • Best Amenities

All these modern features attract the entire customer to choose as the first choice for buying their dream house in Kandivali. We are one of the most professional Best Real estate Portal India service provider agencies for property seekers to fulfil your needs effectively.

Most of us grown with the belief that “your home is the biggest investment you will ever make”, and we are here to help you to make your biggest dream as reality. We totally understand the love and affection of the customer that they possess while looking for their own house to buy, and as per their need and budget we recommend them the best affordable houses with all modern amenities.

Invest in The Most Prosperous Real Estate in Mumbai’s Suburb Kandivali East

Front View

Looking for the ideal real property that can offer you a piece of mind? Looking for the most urban side properties? Planning to invest in real estate properties in Mumbai? Browse for the best real estate properties in Kandivali East. Kandivali, the Mumbai’s suburb is the best place to invest into real estate. Whether you are looking for a home for yourself or additional real estate investment, Kandivali can be the right destination for you.

Kandivali, the Mumbai’s suburb is the most modern place to live in. It is the most ideal place for family. Having a good infrastructure, good standard of living and all necessary amenities nearby, Kandivali can be the ultimate place to have real estate property in.

Kandivali, the Mumbai’s suburb enjoys a strong and robust economy. The city enjoys a constant growth every year. It is a home for several multinational companies and experience large base of growing industries. It is the best place with large base of employment opportunities. Overall, it is the best place for living.

Residential Properties In Kandivali East

If you browse online, you can find Top Apartment for sale in Kandivali-East. There are lots of construction sites available where you can have fresh home. Even if you are looking for resale property, you will find ample options open for you. There are lots of options open for rental properties.

Kandivali East Commercial Real Estate

It is not that you can find only a residential property in Kandivali East. But there is a huge choices available in commercial properties. The Real estate properties in Mumbai, especially in Kandivali East offer a range of commercial properties.  Whether you are looking for shops, offices, warehouses, or any other commercial places, you can find a great choice here in Kandivali. For those looking for the commercial properties for their hospitals, banks, malls and other Kandivali can be the ultimate address.

Overall, Kandivali East is the best place where you can find ample options in real estate. Browse the Best Real estate Portal India and have several pages list of real estates. Kandivali East is a complete real estate resource. Browse for the Kandivali real Estate options online. Such as:

  • New properties
  • Old properties
  • Ready to move apartments
  • Bungalows, row-houses and flat systems
  • Completed and going-on projects
  • Rental properties
  • Commercial shops, offices, etc.
  • Big properties for the big investors like banks, hospitals, malls, schools, etc.

The reason why Kandivali East is the best place includes:

  • Possess best infrastructure
  • Quality living with high standard
  • Better life style
  • All the necessary amenities nearby
  • Easy accessibility of the place
  • Proximity to the airport and major highways
  • Affordable living
  • Sky rocketing real estate prices, makes your investment value high every year

In recent years, there has been a significant boost in the residential and commercial projects in Mumbai, especially in Kandivali East. It offers lucrative packages at very affordable rates. You can find all the real estate options open for you and that goes perfectly with your budget and like. Find them online, along with the information about nearby amenities available.

Find great real estate properties for your own roof, that too in the world known Mumbai city. Become a part of the ever growing capital city of the world! No doubt, your investment in Kandivali real estate will definitely make you feel proud!

The Exclusive Demand For The Real Estate Properties In Mira Road


At presently the demand for the good locality has increased. In the north side of the Mumbai, Mira road is a bustling township that is drastically emerging in the district of Thane. It is one of the prime locations for the residential apartments or best property in Mira road as it is situated little away from the main city and beside the island of Salsette.

Due to its surrounded features and best natural prime location that raise the value of the location and most of the customers choose as the excellent residential locality as Mira road. There are numerous residential properties you can avail at the good price as per your budget line. The most affordable property in Mira road east that starts with quite lower rates compares to any other areas.

Mumbai is one of the most advanced and progressive metropolitan city of India, that is always serving the people to full fill their dreams. It is also called as the dream city of India and people always would love to migrate from other cities to stay in Mumbai. After a couple of years of fast and rapid growth that set the Mumbai as the global hub center for the local as well as for outsiders.

This area is becoming one of the excellent choices among the house seekers, thanks to some of the affordable projects that are offering the best-quoted price for the apartment which can be easily afforded by people. All these real estate properties in Mira road east are well connected to all public and private sectors banks too, that allows the customer to avail loan facility very easily. Many of the home seekers also look for the loan facility option where they can own their house on the monthly installment basis.

Why it is called as most expensive Residential Street

Mumbai has a booming economy and some of the locality is well developed in the city that served the customers to stay for longer durations. In Mumbai, the record sales were made in the year 2015, and the prices of real estate properties are still soaring high peak. The city has the top most prime areas situated in Mira road and the other prestigious locality.

One of the main reasons for its high price is that the low tax duties have made most of the people extremely wealthy so that they can buy at the very high price. The real estate properties in Mira road east are also attract foreigners too as they do not have any kind of restriction in buying the properties in Mira road. The rich corporate and the foreigners are the prospective buyers for the residential as well as apartments.

Some of the eyes catching important characteristics of the residential community are as follows:

  •    A group of High profiles People
  •    A definite Locality
  •    Perfect Naturality
  •    Community Sentiment
  •    Surrounded by all modern Necessities
  •    Organized Social life
  •    High Growth Area
  •    Easy access to public and private transport
  •    Well connected to Business hub center

Most of the buyers find difficult while buying their dream house, we all know that the location of the property is most vital aspects for the buyers. Choosing the best suitable locality enhance your way of living and ensure a happy life. If you are willing to invest or wanted to purchase a dream house of your wish in Mumbai then just login t our website and have a look some of the most expensive, luxurious and affordable houses at best competitive cost, we are always there to serve you best.

Good and Affordable Localities to Buy Residential Properties in India


Real Estate Properties in India

The real estate sector has come into view as one of the most trusted and consistent investment options. The fickle worldwide economy, higher loan interest rate and inflation rate make share market and banks a risky pillar whereas the real estate remain stable and it shows continuous development. When it comes to investing in property market select a right location and the exact property for assuring return. The rate of property is high all over India; however there are places like Mumbai, Bangalore & Pune where the price of real estate is constantly in rise mode. Whether you desire to invest in housing or looking for commercial building accessible to lease the city offer an immense option to the clients. The best Real Estate in Mumbai offers vast opportunity to its investors.

Apartment & flat enclaves, villas, row home are being established each second day from pioneering realty developers from all across the nation. That is enabling the India real estate area to flourish at such a rapid rate. While Mumbai has come out as one of the major investment destinations for properties in India, in residential and business segments, price of properties in urban rates is escalating and thus, more than 20% of the general population are capitalizing in other places like Powai.

Here are some things to consider before choosing any property 

  • Location – Is the location of the land suitable to you? Is it close to where you work or will you have to embark on a trip every morning and how suitable is that to you? When thinking location you should also think regarding access to services and services that are necessary.
  • Safety – Apart from thinking regarding the safety concerns in the area, check to see that consistent locking systems are offered for on windows & doors.
  • Amenities – What is offered for in the property? This is not only significant to consider in your rental unit, but also the common areas that are accessible on the assets.


This is the most significant part of a real estate industry. You have to be smart enough, while pricing keeping in mind the competitive environment, the future usefulness of the property and other significant issues like the location of the property in the cities of India and the command of the particular property.

Finding an apartment on Rent in Mumbai can be quite demanding considering that the city is infamously short on space, and thus most expats are forced to sacrifice their notions of a plentiful Indian flat in exchange for an overcrowded Mumbai apartment. Several people moving to or living in Mumbai are fortunate enough to have accommodation offered to them by their hiring employer. In this case, contractual obligations are not relevant, and annoy of house hunting is luckily avoided.

That said, more and more people are finding that profitable employment packages that comprise this park are rarer and rarer, and thus finding a Best Apartment for sale in Powai on your individual is becoming a necessity. It’s extremely recommended that those who find themselves in this situation utilize the aid of a property agent.  The improved affordability of luxury housing in India is superior consequently the real estate developer if the excellence of housing at a reasonable price. This has lead to demand better circumstances of life of luxury. It’s constantly growing commercial significance of its properties in India is still good-looking to investors.

Relish in the Luxurious Flats and Real Estate Properties at Andheri


You can buy your flat in the city that never sleeps, in the city of the dreamers, Andheri. It is the city that never stops and resides dream chasers. It is the city which is full of opportunities and whole bunch of achievers reside. There are various online sites which provides you with the information about lot of properties and exclusive space where you can experience the best in class.

The online sites have elusive residential projects at iconic addresses such as Andheri, Gurgaon, etc. which is center of leisure and entertainment with world class homes.

Why should you move on to the properties near Andheri?

A celebration is must for every achievement and home serves as a perfect venue. You can be assured of the magnitude of excellence that the visionaries of construction industries had put in developing it. The amenities and features of home at Andheri are beautiful crafted, eco sensitive and designed aesthetically. The Rental Properties in Andheri West are the place to be at and cherish with your family and friends.

How can you live a limelight lifestyle in Andheri West?

You will always need a space of your own to dream new dreams which will be the safe haven for your family. The properties in Andheri West are extraordinary and incorporate excellence and also provide a lifestyle that you will be proud to be a part of. You can escape into your own world. The properties have spacious living rooms and bedrooms. They have wide French windows and high end kitchen fittings & bathroom fittings. The security measures are also installed to maintain the warmth of your home.

What types of sustainable designs are implemented in residential projects in Andheri?

The Apartment for sale Andheri East has new phase of sustainable designs. They have well planned building orientation to reduce the heating effect. The structures are resistant to earthquake. The buildings are painted with low volatile organic compound paint. It has conservation properties such as rainwater harvesting, water efficient fixtures and landscaping. It also has inbuilt sewage treatment plant. The buildings are built in such a way that it has maximum natural light usage which reduces energy consumption. Energy efficient elevators and machine room less are also installed.

What are the some of the best properties in Andheri East?

There are lot of residential apartments in Andheri East which is a garden facing flat and one of the maintained complex with gym, party hall, and other facilities. The apartments at Hub town Hillcrest are a perfect residential apartment which will provide you all the pleasures of staying. If you want to make your stay at home lavish, you can search for top 5 lists of Andheri East properties. There are also properties which can be customized as per your wish. You can put your design in the property.

How can you invest in the real estate properties in Andheri East?

You can buy real estate properties in Andheri East which are well maintained in Andheri. You need to check the property well and the amenities provided. You need to know the price range which is offered and the value of the property. Very few cases have been filed of cheating in real estate buying but if you be careful, you cannot be fooled.

You can enjoy you one and only life lavishly at you home. The flats and properties in Andheri are no doubt best and has all the necessarily amenities. There are different flat as per your needs and budget.

Learn How to Decorate Your Home with Impressive Home Makeovers Tips


Everyone feel pleasure in keeping their residence neat, beautiful and attractive. Many people adopt the various options in order to give a new appearance to their existing home. The home makeover is vital after a certain period of time when you get bored of the same decorations, design and wall colors and so on. People hire Interior designer to serve them with their goal for home makeovers on a budget line, an interior designer analyzes thoroughly the client’s needs, goals, and requirement related to their home makeover.

While choosing makeover tips for your home it is vital to plan first, because planning always helps you to pick the best design and style for your home that gives it the good appearance. Sometimes a large-scale makeover of your residence is a complicated task, so in that case hiring a good reputed interior expert will be a wise idea. You need to be sure that you have covered all the changing aspects perfectly whether it is design, window, style, curtain, fittings, furniture, and wall color etc.

It happens when a small change can lead to big differences. The interior designers are well qualified and professional in their expertise field and serve with client needs effectively. There are numerous remodeling companies widely existing can help you with home decoration tips as per your desire way. It is necessary to plan your home improvement very precisely before proceeding with the project because nothing beats the power of preparations.

As it is a huge task and it is very vital to be certain how you want your residence to look in the end, you can start with the basic changes and another thing that you need to consider is your budget. Sometimes it happens when customer indulges in the makeover project and in the halfway through completion of it they are out of funds that create a huge burden for them. There is top real estate property in Mumbai based on the modern style and also focus on the fact that what makes a house more attractive and alluring.

Hire the Remodeling Company to Execute the Home Décor Plans Effectively

Our remodeling agency will suggest the customer about the remodeling and renovation tips for their existing house after a period of time. Who does not like their residence to be clean, beautiful and attractive, the role of home decor plays very significant role in giving a unique glance to your home. All the aspects have their role in making your home more impressive such as curtains, wall paints, wall colors, furniture and so on.

When you are planning to buy real estate properties in Mumbai, then take your precious time when making the design decision and reconsidered your designs ideas. We always suggest our each customer that it is important to remember that don’t fall easily for the latest trends, make choices that will allow you to live comfortable in your home and can enjoy aesthetic benefits efficiently.

Hiring our professional makeover agency or expert will allow you do all the required makeover for your home within your budget. They have clear knowledge about the latest demand and trends that keep changing as time goes. The ultimate goal of the professional remodeling company is to make your home more attractive, beautiful and functional that will sure leave a remarkable impression on you and visitors.

Why Andheri is The Next Best Suburb


Andheri is a suv area of Mumbai, in the western of the town on the Salsette Isle. It has a inhabitants of 1,500,000 and is the biggest suv area of This city. It is a personal cum professional place of the town of Mumbai. A 60 gauge prevent of basalt called Gilbert Mountain can be found in the town, and is the site of a Durga forehead. Andheri in the european suv areas of city is a hub for real-estate residence because of its location and the Town. It is the best personal location as it has experienced remarkable growth in terms of facilities and connection.

The Andheri train place is amongst the most most popular and essential train place on the Western Line of the Mumbai Suburban Railway as it joins to CST, Churchgate, Virar and Navi Mumbai. The development of the metro from Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar area is a part of the national master transport plan.

Andheri today has a inhabitants going above Several and as per record, is by far the most populated suv area of Mumbai. Maharashtra Real estate and Area Development Power (MHADA) have performed the obligation to create qualities in Andheri, which will provide to excellent as well as low income categories in city.

An benefit of purchasing a smooth in Andheri is that the household and air-ports are close by for those who frequently travel out of the country for company. Thus, purchasing a residence in Andheri is of significant benefits of them. The Western Show Road is well linked to this place, for those who love to go on visits outside City and are in the holiday feelings. Andheri has become an essential milestone since the Town has been started. The Town is from Versova-Andheri-Ghatkopar, so for those who have their work environments in the main or harbor side can easily access the Town and reach their location faster with excellent comfort and ease.

Another power why individuals should buy a smooth in Andheri is because it has the stylish place of Lokhandwala which has a huge number of high-end homes. It also homes some of the best dining places in Mumbai and is a well known location for shopping. Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani medical center, RN Cooper Hospital and Town medical center are also in the place.

Andheri is also known for being an Enjoyment hub with its huge and well-known shopping malls like; Super shopping mall & Infinity shopping mall. Juhu seaside is very near the place. It also has many popular dining places and eating joint parts. Andheri is a beneficial accommodations at as it is very near to Bandra-Kurla complicated (BKC) which is a main company region growing with workplaces and stores.

The writer of this article is a representative by career and prefers to discuss the Residential Properties in Mumbai in his free time. Here writer discuses on smooth and Real estate in Andheri East .

L&T Realty launches Seawoods Grand Central in Navi Mumbai

Navi Mumbai, one of the world’s largest planned cities is coming up with a new luxury destination, the Seawoods Grand Central. Destined to be the epicentre of the city, the newly announced project by one of the best architects of India, L&T Realty, is based on a sprawling 40-acre land. The project aims to be much like other Transit-Oriented Development around the world, offering all the convenience at your doorstep.
Seawoods Grand Central in Seawoods is a planned residential and commercial project by L&T Realty that is going to offer retail havens, F&B options, excellent work space, entertainment zone and signature hospitality services-all under one construction. Coming up at the most happening location of Navi Mumbai, the project enjoys close proximity to the proposed International Airport at just 10 minutes distance, 5 minutes from Belapur CBD, near to proposed Navi Mumbai Metro Corridor, close to JNPT and near to NH3, NH4 and NH17. This makes the project accessible from varied locations, thus making transit to and from it very convenient.

Seawoods Grand Central

Seawoods Grand Central Commercial Complex

Navi Mumbai is renowned for its pulsating business hubs and the project lies just at the heart of it. Its nearness to the railway station, easy access to 8-lane Sion-Panvel Express Highway, 10 minutes from the proposed Tans Harbour Link and just 90 minutes from Chakan and Hinjewadi-all these make the project a much-preferred rental and commercial destination. The project offers all the basic amenities of a modern society such as security/fire alarm, reserved parking, maintenance staff, security personnel, water storage and power backup.
The possession of the commercial and residential spaces commence from December 2018. The project has been meticulously designed to give the best of both worlds in terms of commercial Commercial Offices in Seawoods Grand Central and Rental Offices in Seawoods Grand Central. Space and luxury are two objectives this project vouches for. With lavishly planned and commercially viable retail outlets, the project aims to deliver an all-inclusive township within this TOD project. For further details regarding the retail and commercial spaces and more, visit the official website. Prices of the project spaces are only on request. So hurry and be a part of the upcoming holistic project in Navi Mumbai.

Oberoi Realty launches Oberoi Sky City in Borivali Eas

Owning a property in the city of Mumbai is a dream of many. While a decade back, individuals used to invest in residential properties in the suburbs of the city but thanks to the rising real estate prices, it has become almost impossible for home seekers to buy property anymore. To facilitate home buying for working individuals and bigger families, Oberoi Realty has launched its lavish residential project-Oberoi Sky City.

Oberoi Sky City

Oberoi Sky City by Oberoi Realty is a luxurious residential project in the posh suburb of Borivali, which has seen tremendous real estate growth in the recent past. While all the suburban areas are seeing price hike including Borivali, the project offers 3 and 4 bhk flats at comparatively affordable rates. Borivali is well connected with railroad systems such as the Borivali Railway station and the Western Express Highway. The area is a dwelling place for many families and individuals alike-thanks to many schools, hospitals and commercial spaces in the area. Oberoi Sky City is an exquisite project that offers affordable residential society. The project houses 10 towers with a total number of 60 floors. The project has 3000 units divided into 3 and 4 bhk lavish apartments.

Oberoi Sky City

Oberoi Sky City in Borivali East offers all the basic amenities such as Power Backup, Water Storage, Security/Fire alarm, Security personnel, Maintenance Staff and reserved parking to cater to its residents. The floors have been done in imported marble while fittings boast of concealed copper wiring and designer tile sin the toilets. The 3bhk apartments have an area of around 1000-1100 sq.ft. and come in a price band of INR 1.31-1.7 cr while the 4bhk apartments come with an area of 1279-2200sq.ft. with a price band of INR 2.43-3.25cr.

Oberoi Sky City

Interested individuals can visit the company website to see the unit details and floor plans. The project is under construction in full swing and will be ready for possession by December 2020. The project enjoys proximity to various civic amenities such as national Hospital at 2km, Lotus Park a 3.6km, Western Express Highway at 200meters, Borivali Railway Station at 2.5 km and Borivali Sukurwadii Bus Station at 2.2km.

Oberoi Realty is well known for its comfortable and efficiency designed residential and commercial spaces. The group has continuously delivered high standards of architecture, engineering and construction for decades.